Swim for your future

Hello, my name is Magda,

The idea to help needy children was born already some time ago.

We wondered how we can specifically help children with certain difficulties in functioning in a society or youth who already had some conflict with the law.

Together with Aga, Ola and Magda, we decided to help the facility of the Probation Center, which operates in the court in Slupsk.

The pupils (20 people) are young people aged 12-18 years who stays at the Center daily from 3 to 7 in the afternoon, where caregivers help them do their homework, organize various activities, attractions or meetings with psychologists.

The advantage of this facility is that young people normally attend their schools and spend the night in their family homes.

As volunteers, together with one of the guardians in the center and probation officer, we started working on the SWIM FOR YOUR FUTURE project.


Project assumptions:

– give children the opportunity to acquire specific skills, profession and work in the future

– show the charges of the center that they have a real impact on their lives and future

– show and teach the youth that helping others has a positive impact on the lives of people who help and life themselves

What does this mean in practice?

– we’ll teach kids to swim

– we will organize a first aid course for them

– we will organize for them a water rescue course for the Volunteer Rescue Service


The project assumes a minimum of one year of operation, however, we assume that within three years the project will become completely independent.


What does it mean? We assume that each year there will be at least one person among the pupils who will be passionate about swimming and will become an instructor who will teach others how to swim. Organizational responsibility for the project will be taken over by local institutions and the city over time.


Why do we devote our free time and work as volunteers with “difficult youth”?

Because we believe in their potential and in the fact that acting together we can realistically influence the quality of their lives and help them build a better future.


Magda, Ola, Aga and Magda, Decathlon teammates 

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