"Created in 2005, The Foundation shares Decathlon’s values and convictions.

The Foundation supports a lot of field partners in the implementation of projects for the benefit of people in need, using sport as a medium for social integration.

In 2015, the social utility of the Foundation has been reinforced, notably through the enhancement of the employability of the beneficiaries. The project leaders henceforth not only introduce the beneficiaries to the pleasures and benefits of sports, but also assist them in their social integration through concrete actions, such as resume writting, presentating Decathlon carreers, offering internship or permanent contract. By doing so, the Foundation promotes diversity and aims for a deeper and a long lasting impact on their life and well-being."

Franck Martinez 

Board member

  • Franck Martinez


  • Jean-Pierre Haemmerlein


  • Marie-Claude Leclercq

    Council member

  • Béatrice Hess

    Council member

  • Richard Dacoury

    Council member

  • Marie-José Lallart

    Council member

  • Marie Pinel

    Council member

  • Guillaume Bary

    Council member

  • Alexia Vanlaere

    Project manager

  • Paul Chelala

    Project manager

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