Sport For School Children

“I am Tresa and I work with Decathlon India. I am part of the team called Sports Really For 

All (SRFA). It is the social vertical of Decathlon India. 

Sport For School Children is one such social engagement and our strongest engagement, as it is 

led solely by our team members. This is a voluntary engagement. The purpose of the initiative 

is to reach out to the vulnerable children, who do not play sport for various reasons of 

awareness, accessibility, affordability or inhibition. 

‘’Sports For School Children’’ is a weekly 1 Hour engagement with children from the 

Government school or with a NGO in its radius of 2 to 5 kms. The volunteers of this project are 

our team member from the store who wants to share their passion for sports and community 


The prime focus of the programme is to develop the social behaviour and life skills of children 

through sports. 


Currently, we have over 55 sites (including stores, factories and warehouses) that are actively 

contributing towards this engagement. Over 2800 children are being coached every week by 

over 400 team members who are volunteers of this Project.”





“Every Wednesday I get up with an excitement of being surrounded by these enthusiastic kids of 

SRFA. I cherish the connection I have with all the children and the fact they are performing 

really great at Rugby makes me proud. The girls too have put on a great effort fighting all odds 

and performing great at tournaments.” 

Saharul Peada, Decathlon Indore 



“My love for children kids pushed me to volunteer for this project. Every time I opens the school 

gate and see the smiling faces of kids, I feel an immense urge to provide them an opportunity 

that many kids wish to have – like a brother who tells them a story, plays with them, teaches 

them lessons ,laughs for their jokes and so forth. “

Vysakh Vijayakumar, Decathlon Vyttila 



“It has always been just a dream for me, becoming a Super hero! But now being part of SRFA 

project, I feel that I have earned an invisible but an incredible Superhero Cape, Yes! 

It is allowing me and my team to spread smiles, set an example and to be an inspiration for the 

kids at the school. They all look upto us and have made us their superheros! 

Much thanks to Decathlon Sports India for giving me an opportunity and freedom to do What I 

Love and thus making my smile brighter! “

Lokesh Vishwakarma, Decathlon Hennur Road 

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