El deporte es nuestro refugio

“El deporte es nuestro refugio” is a project carried out by the warehouse of Seville with the association  CEAR, the Spanish commission of aid to refugees.




This association accompanies migrants who have recently arrived in Spain, the majority of whom are from Africa.


These people have lived through a complicated, even traumatic, migratory journey for some of them and have little or no reference points in Spain to rebuild their lives. 180 adults are housed in the emergency shelter located on the outskirts of Seville. The association offers administrative support, workshops and training to discover the Spanish culture and language, but also to create professional bridges.




The teams from the Seville warehouse wanted to get involved in this project with the aim of: “Giving CEAR the necessary means to improve the quality of life of the beneficiaries through sport, both physically and in terms of health, psychology and work, thus improving their integration into society.”


In concrete terms, the decathlanions organize monthly sports outings with the adults in partnership with the association.


Beyond the sports component, the project aims to develop the employability of adults. Four of them, Toko, Romaric, Leon and Dembo, have seen their lives really change because they joined the Decathlon warehouse teams!



Discover their testimony in video : 



Congratulations to the Seville teams for their commitment!

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