Shiny people

My name is Suzana and I come from Slovenia, from the capital city Ljubljana. I started working in Decathlon in April 2016. I am referent for customer service and country sport referent for Nabaiji (swimming).


I am also leader for project “Shiny people”. Shiny people is the first Slovenian project supported by the Decathlon Foundation and it is launched in capital city, Ljubljana. We are group ten of Decathlon teammates  and we are all passion in sport.


We cooperate with organization Sonček. I chose these organization because I have already worked with them, I have been cooperating with organization Sonček since 2014. Sonček is a Cerebral Palsy organization. It is nonprofit, non governmental and non-political organization.  This project will work with 53 beneficiaries.


In our project beneficiaries are people with special needs. With “Shiny people” project we want that participants are more connected with sports and the community. The project will offers sports activities suitable for people with disabilities. Our goal is to practice different types of sports, which will be implemented in our store, outdoors and other locations. We practice different kinds of sports, for example; swim, run, walk, ball games, dance, yoga, hiking, table tennis and so on. Our goal is also that they work in Decathlon Ljubljana and work first hand with our co-workers in the regular work conditions of our store. This give them a chance to get a good impression of how our work day looks like and get to know the Decathlon work environment, customers and employes. We believe that our beneficiaries will have a better life thanks to the sport or physical activity. Being more involved in a sport and community will improve their health and quality of life.     


I chose to be involved with the Foundation project because I want that everybody has opportunity for practice sport.  From my childhood I have been connected with sports and I really enjoy making sports. I want that everybody can feel that passion for sports. Working with people with special needs makes me happy. Every time when I work with them I can see how little is needed to be happy and they fill me up with energy.


“Knowledge for what is possible is the beginning of happiness”. – George Santayana


Suzana, from the Slovenia team 

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