On va rouler sur le Nord

The project “On va rouler sur le Nord” (We’re going to ride on the North) was born out of a beautiful encounter with 4 Decathlon enthusiasts and young people from the Roubaix neighbourhoods supported by the association Sport dans la Ville.



“In just a few weeks, we built this project around access to bicycles and learning about them for young people in the neighbourhoods: cycling lessons, rides, repair workshops, etc. Every summer we organize with 15 young people a four-day cycling camp. Cycling is about giving more autonomy and freedom, allowing discovery and adventure just a few kilometres from home.” Marie Turpin, bicycle product engineer.



“We went on a bike tour for more than 100km with young people who didn’t know how to ride a bike a few months ago, a great experience for them as well as for us, and this is only the beginning!” Valentin Deheule, IT project manager



The project also means opening up new horizons and creating professional vocations in the field of sport and particularly cycling.


The project continues throughout the year with cycling activities. Among them, a first ride on the track at the Roubaix velodrome, which is a real thrill!



Congratulations to the project leaders : Marie Turpin, Maxime Fleury, Valentin Deheule, Nicolas Catteau

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