Happy Syklett

Severine and Corinne from Decathlon Lorient 

For elderly and disabled people, mobility difficulties are synonymous with loss of social links and exclusion, with direct consequences in terms of health, morale and autonomy.

Our project “Happy Syklett Bike Trips” offers a solution to these difficulties.

The idea is to offer people with mobility problems (elderly people, people with disabilities, people with walking difficulties and people who are far from transport networks, etc.) outings on a three-wheeled bike. The electrically-assisted three-wheeled bicycles are specially designed to carry one to two people each, one of which can be adapted to a wheelchair. Decathlonians will be trained to ride them, to ensure optimal safety for the people being transported.

The outings involve one to three bicycles and can be of a leisurely nature (nature walks, in town, by the water, etc.) or more utilitarian (going to the market, the pharmacy, etc.). They may last one to two hours, plus the time needed to get to and from the place where the people being transported are staying. 15 to 20 kilometres are covered during a ride. The bikes are stored in the premises of our partner, Collectif Syklett.

The people transported will be identified either by the Collectif Syklett, the project’s partner, or by Decathlonians. They may be residents of care facilities (EHPAD, nursing homes, etc.) or people living alone, in Lorient or in neighbouring towns. All people suffering from mobility problems and for whom an outing on a scooter could be positive are welcome, without any other selection criteria.



Severine: “I’m Séverine Quellien, 48 years old, I’ve been a sales assistant at the Décathlon Lorient shop for 23 years! I am the mother of 3 children (23, 21 and 15 years old). I love my job and in addition to my job as a hostess, I have been the shop’s quality work life manager since 2014 and I really enjoy this job, because the human side is very important. I am a good listener and I have a lot of empathy. I am not personally concerned by disability (neither from near nor from far) but it is a cause that speaks to me and if I can bring even a minimum of help around me, then I am delighted! I am also in charge of the shop’s occupational health, open-voice notices and I am a cashier.

23 years ago, when I was hired at Decathlon, it was Pascal, the cashier, who trained me and I have very good memories of it. Pascal was in a wheelchair and he always impressed me with his positivity and enthusiasm: never a problem, only solutions! A great lesson in life!

In 23 years I have seen the profession evolve and I have always been able to adapt to changes:

There is no monotony at Decathlon!

We completely agree with the collective’s objective, which is to make cycling accessible to all, to promote cycling as a means of transport, sharing and social link.


Many of our employees have been seduced by this project and are ready to give their time voluntarily to go out with the association. There is Erdal, Agnès, Cathy, Xavier, Victor, Tony, Adrien, Géraldine, Gwen, Gaetan… They are all full of energy and they all find the project very interesting and above all full of meaning! We are lucky enough to be supported by the staff and the shop manager and they support us in our approach. ”



Corinne : “My name is Corinne GOUELO, I am 50 years old and the mother of two children.

It’s been 23 years since I started my adventure in this very dynamic and committed company.

I started out as a hostess and receptionist for 20 years, and then decided to join the mountain team when we switched to a single profession.

Some time ago, Séverine asked me to work with her on the quality of life at work and in particular on the HAPPY SYKLETT project.

What a pleasure when I discovered this association and the involvement of its members !!!!!

This project fits in perfectly with the Foundation’s raison d’être: to combine sport, joie de vivre, health, education and employability.

This project has a strong local impact because of all the actions they undertake and all this in an environment that respects the planet (travel by bike).

After our meeting with Alexandre and Simon from the collective, I started to pay attention to these little trippers that I would come across from time to time while walking along the seaside.

One day, I took care to observe the faces (in spite of the masks ?) of the people that the guides were carrying…… and there what a joy to read the happiness in the eyes of these people in a fragile situation.

There is no chance, there are only appointments! So yes to all these human encounters!

We think it’s great that an association like the Syklett collective is so involved with people with mobility problems and we are very proud to present a local project. The local press regularly talks about this association.”


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