L'Etoile du Berger

Testimony of Boris, teammate in the Decathlon Bron cycle department:


“Incredible people, a cause that makes sense and a few bikes; three ingredients that have allowed me to live an extraordinary experience, to grow and discover that I had within my reach the possibility of doing something useful, simple and human. When I met Jean-Louis at Décathlon, his background, sincerity and determination touched me. I quickly understood that I had the power to help him and these 30 children who had been taken away from their parents, who were unfortunately unable to raise them. The project was very simple but full of meaning: A CHILD, A BIKE This was followed by a multitude of visios (covid obliges) to support the project at the decathlon foundation. 15 000 euros were needed, including equipment, accessories and tools. What made the project even more beautiful was that the idea came from the children themselves.  I got to know Bruno, the director of the centre, a man full of values and kindness. I was able to talk to the children at the centre, who saw me as their big brother, the Decathlonian who was going to bring them each a bike, but also to pass on his passion. It was touching, unexpected and gratifying at the same time. After a month of discussions with Constance (whom I thank again for her support, her availability and her precious advice), here we are, with Bruno and Jean Louis from the CAPSO association, for the big oral, in front of the 14 members of the foundation’s jury, 45 minutes later, the project was unanimously approved and 100% financed, what a joy! Being able to go back to our childhood memories, passing on our knowledge and experience and making a gesture with a real impact was a great experience, which I recommend to all decathlonians who want to get involved in such projects. Thanks again to the members of the Foundation, Constance, Jean Louis, Bruno, Loïc and more generally Decathlon and Capso.”


The project carried by Boris consists of several initiatives:


  • Making sport accessible to all and more particularly to disadvantaged children
  • Enabling children who have been taken away from their families to be children like any others by accessing the bicycle, an essential element of childhood. One child, one bike is the project that motivates the adults of the Etoile du Berger house. To date, there are only a few bicycles, often in poor condition, for 30 children.
  • Learn to maintain your bike, know how to repair it, know how to customize it to move from simple consumption to education
  • Learn how to assemble and build a bike from old bikes.
  • To offer educational and fun outings to learn and improve the different ways of cycling.
  • To support the children of this structure by enabling them to find solid reference points thanks to the practice of cycling.
  • To create a lasting partnership with Decathlon through internships or professionalization in the field of sports.
  • The bicycle as the first ecological gesture. The Etoile du Berger is part of a project called ECOLOPOLE. The aim is to demonstrate that a home can set an example in a principle of educability. For the children, the bicycle is a first access to ecology in that this means of transport is meaningful: 0 C02 emissions, physical activity, easy to maintain and repair.


On behalf of the entire Foundation team, we would like to thank you for your investment. We are very proud to be part of your team in this beautiful project!


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