As someone passionate about sports and challenges, it was only natural that I ended up at Decathlon, and it’s lasted for 11 years. I also work with several associations and recently started my own association.


At a non-profit forum in the town of Dreux, I met Ms Steiner, who works at the job centre. Together, we discussed the difficulties of getting around the town, which is very poorly served by public transport.


It’s already hard to find work (in fact most Dreux residents commute by train to Paris) but it was unacceptable that people were unable to keep a job, or had to take a bus journey of 1h15 instead of a 25 min cycle ride.


After this conversation, we decided to set up the Mobiléo project. The foundation made this project happen by donating 25 bikes, including 5 electric bikes, and the necessary items for maintaining and repairing the bikes, so the project would be sustainable and viable.


As a former workshop technician, I was able to train seven people from the organisation in bicycle maintenance and minor repairs.

The Mobiléo project has been going since 2013 and has enabled many people to find a job (fixed-term contract, permanent contract or training) or keep one.


This enabled Dreux residents to find an alternative to public transport and solve their mobility problems.



Story told by Decathlonian Rachid Arffak, passionate about sport, challenges and solidarity.

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