We all got together because we wanted to find outdoor sports activities and offer them to people with disabilities. That’s how the Joëlette was born, with the support of the SESSD (Education and Specialist Homecare Treatment Services for the region).


A Joëlette is an all-terrain wheelchair. Our initial plan was to finance and provide this equipment to people with disabilities, to help them discover the benefits of sport in the great outdoors. We had an amazing experience that really exceeded our expectations..

The Decathlon foundation enabled us to obtain Joëlettes and make them available to families, young people and anyone with a disability. Thanks to this scheme, they rediscovered outdoor sports like hiking, river fishing, hunting, racing and more.

We already took part in the ‘6h du Pas-de-Calais’ last year with the SESSD and the children, we organise outings with customers in order to raise awareness of practising sport with the Joëlettes, and our plan is to set up in-store workshops so that we can raise even more awareness among athletes and families!


We also regularly welcome Alexandre, a young man from the association, who is on an internship in our department (Water/Running).


This project is very human and strong, which is why we chose it, and we are delighted to be helping young people and families, who just want to practise the sport they are passionate about. The message that we carry through this adventure is inspiring, and we hope our association with the SESSD will continue to work wonders!


 Story told by Decathlon teammates Julien Chambon and Charlotte Cebo.

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