The Decathlon Foundation is very proud to participate in the very first Lebanese project in the Foundation’s history. The project of Marlene, Elie, Marc and Diane aims to help children and teenagers in the conflict zones of Beirut where precariousness has been reinforced by the current context. ?? 

Hope & Sport is a programme for children and teenagers living or having lived in conflict zones or in a very precarious situation. It is designed for the child and for the people who support his development (educators, family circle), in a physical, emotional and mental approach, using educational supports built with sports professionals, child psychiatrists, coaches, a naturopath and publishers of children’s games. The project aims to be fully replicable and adaptable in fixed structures (schools, associations…) as well as in mobile structures. The objectives of Hope & Sport :


Promoting the development, integration and autonomy of children and adolescents

Fostering academic success 

 Work on stress management 

Developing self-confidence

Contributing to the construction of children’s identity 

Teamwork and cooperation 

To promote social integration and encourage tolerance, respect for others, an enlightened view of difference and disability. 

Involve the family unit in the child’s development and upbringing (emotional management, overall well-being, the importance of a balanced diet and restful sleep).




Marlene, Decathlon campus quality manager

“Four months ago, a friend I met in Madagascar contacted me, looking for partners to support the Hope & Sport project in Lebanon. We had seen each other maybe 3 or 4 times since my return to France at the end of 2014, after 2 years together there. Life sometimes does things well, and I don’t believe in chance. I spent 3 years in Madagascar. It was a period that taught me a lot, I arrived there as a young graduate and left as an active woman, always with my thirst to discover, to travel, to meet people. The only thing I missed was not taking the time to get involved in an associative project there. (…) I have known for a few years now that I find meaning in being part of a team, a group, a project, with a strong need for authenticity and exchange. Accompanying and growing are a great source of energy for me. So when the NGO contacted me, I said to myself: here is a wink of fate, I can and I want to do my part! Since then, we have exchanged with Diane, then Elie. I have the feeling that it was written, with energy and all our heart, we have built this strong, concrete and sustainable project. Hope & Sport is an obvious choice and I simply feel proud and committed, because it brings together people who have the will to act for a profound meaning: to accompany their children, in need, on the path of life. I can’t wait to go there to meet and support our colleagues Decathlonians from the Beirut shop, the Baroudeurs and Amel teams, and offer his children moments of joy and marbles for the future”.


Elie, Decathlon Beirut, Lebanon

“For me , all people need a little help , a little hope , and someone to believe in them , and i do believe that helping one person might not change the whole world , but it could change the world for one person. I lived in Lebanon for 28 years and lived along all its bad and good times, what made us surpass those very difficult times in Lebanon is the solidarity of the population. I have been raised in a family where giving is a blessing , and love is a must , and love is when you feel the pain of others and you act about it , by drawing smiles on their faces and make them feel that someone is looking up for them and make them feel that their lives matters , and to do so , on each occasion every year (christmas , easter and whenever we knew that someone is in need) we give with love all what we can give and donate (depend on their need) , to make a small difference in their lives and to make them feel warm and appreciated. At that point I knew that this is what could bring me happiness , I was a member of SAINT Rita scout in my hometown in 2004 (for almost 5 years) , where NGOs don’t exist. I started to elevate my sense of humanity and this is due to directive coaches chefs that we had in our troup . In 2006 weapon conflicts started in Lebanon , what affected our food chain , medicines and other principle needs , what put us on the move to support our people (lebanese and others) to sustain these hard times that we faced , all the work that we did was organised by SAYDE CHURCH in sin el fil . This war affected my state of mind as I saw the fear in the kids eyes , and I couldn’t do anything about it , since there wasn’t any resources or support on that stage. At the age of 18 I became the provider for my family which shifted all my focus to supporting my family however this did not stop me from helping people, whenever I can with whatever I can. 2020 was a turnaround year in our country with a very tough economic crisis, protests all around The country and the crisis aggravated over the months with people losing their jobs. Adding to that the large scale explosion came in August and living in the close suburbs of Beirut made me jump into action to help injured people, and take action during next days to clean streets and help people rebuild their houses. Another traumatic experience for kids living in Beirut. As you can see my personal background and the country we are living convinces me even more that I should help the people of my country and especially the future generation. I believe that the Hope & Sport Project is a very important project for the kids of my country, to make them see that hope is present and better days can be achieved through Sports and the love that we will give them.”


On behalf of the entire Foundation team, we are proud to be your teammates at Decathlon and thank you for your investment in this incredible project! ?


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