“With 3.260 km of coastline and many rivers along the country, drowning is the silent killer of more than 2,000 children’s lives per year in Viet Nam. Especially in 2018 it was nearly 4000 children. It’s the highest ranking in South East Asia. That why, as Vietnam Foundation Leader, I would like to thrive Decathlon footprint throughout our social impact on the local community. Passionate about swimming, I’ve realized that local drowning is a silent epidemic which is urging us to take stronger action with a long term plan. In this project, I would like to bring one basic life-saving skill through swimming to disadvantaged children, then creating employment opportunities for student partners.


Our main project in 3 years is:


  • Swimming training program and drowning rescue basic skill for 480 orphans/disadvantaged children.


  • 2 sharing workshop pear year about awareness of children drowning, combining with competition events for children validated from our training.


  • Create a network of disadvantaged students with The University of Sports, with 3-6 students per year in order to help them to become swimming coaches to support our project and to get an internship/ CV and interview coaching with the Decathlon store.


  • Organize 2 sessions per year of Discovering Decathlon Jobs in Store for disadvantaged junior children in our project.” tells us Dung Bien, from Decathlon Vietnam. 


Through Swim and Friends Club, a NGO founded in 2018 which aim is to  raise the awareness of swimming as one important survival skills for children, prioritize with orphans and children from disadvantages families in Ho Chi Minh city (South of Vietnam),  Hieu and Tri and Dung Decathlon teammates will dedicate time to help in this project. 





Currently, the NGO trains more than eighty orphans a year, the wish to  increase the number of beneficiaries  with the Decathlon Foundation support. 


The Foundation committee was very glad and proud to support this new Vietnamese project on this topic ! 


Dung Bien, Decathlon Vietnam Teammate

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