Creating Smile

Sport for School Children is one such social engagement and our strongest engagement, as it is led solely by our team members. This is a voluntary engagement. The purpose of the initiative is to reach out to the vulnerable children, who do not play sport for various reasons of awareness, accessibility, affordability or inhibition. 


‘‘Creating Smile in Mekele, Ethiopia ’’ has a lot of once, weekly, annual engagement and activities with children from the Government school or with a NGO in 10 minutes by car from the local embassy office. The volunteers of this project are our team members who want to share their passion for sports and community development and our suppliers.


We have different stage of the program on each different stage we have specific prime focus of the programme:-


The first stage: – is building a sports field (football, volleyball, running, active walking, skipping rope, Rugby)) is to create a playground to practice sport for school children).

The second stage: – providing sport staff and coaching for those children students. This was what we are trying to do last year also giving some footballs, volleyballs and sport vest. We see promising value creation in making smiles for the community.

The Third Stage: – practicing sport with school students once per week regularly is vital and core of our project since by this regular activities we  inspire students to do sport and increase the positive attitude.

The Fourth Stage: – organizing annual sport events with other schools and other stakeholders in order to create competition and transfer the value of sport for others, to teach teamwork and winning spirit for all students.


All these activities will have aggregate values of good mental and physical health, increase school students Personal fulfillment and social integration, Bring kids to school, Development of key life skills, Future users for decathlon, Creating job opportunities, Promotion and partnerships, Developping the social behaviour and life skills of children through sports. 


“My love for children, kids and serving community pushed me to volunteer for this project and this my inherent interest is geometrically growing especially when I have my first daughter. Every time when I think the school and children’s, I feel kids trust, honesty and motion of doing what they love and this gives me inherent energy to share my time, skill and wish to provide them an opportunity that many kids wish to have – like a brother who tells them a story, plays with them, teaches those lessons, laughs for their jokes and so forth.” 

Tewodros, Decathlon Ethiopia


“I am very happy to be part of this project in the execution phase at least. I am very thankful to Anas and all the team to think and work together on this project. It really reflects that we are not here in Ethiopia just for business. We are here to spread happiness and make sport accessible to the many. We are looking forward to playing together with kids once the project is complete(Smile Guaranteed). Special thanks to Foundation Global Team also for believing in this project.”

Watch, Decathlon Ethiopia 


“I’m at the end of my mission in DP Ethiopia  and this project is the “cherry on the cake”. I’m proud of the Local team who made this project happen to make sport accessible to Ethiopian kids in this School. This is the best investment in the future of the country . For our teammates, experiencing the purpose of Decathlon is vital for our industrial project success so i would like to thank.  Décathlon foundation for your great contribution and for believing in us.” 

Anas, Decathlon Ethiopia

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