BIRD is our second Portuguese project of the September 29th council, carried by Decathlon’s Setubal logistics team: Pedro, Micaela, Diogo, Joana, Marco, Ruben and Odair. ??

BIRD – Integrated Resource Base for Sport (BIRD) aims to implement an adapted and differentiated sports response for the vulnerable population in general and, primarily, for the People with disabilities,  to combat the reduced, if not limited, offer of sport and physical activity in this population resident in Portugal, without neglecting the involvement of the community, volunteers and families. ? 

The intention is to promote and develop social inclusion in and through sport, enhancing both the economic dimension and its socioeconomic benefits and its universal language of communication reinforced by its visibility and notoriety, implementing interaction, profitability, the sharing of resources, the dynamization of a wide network of partners, the mobilization of the various community players, in order to create the conditions for access to sport and to improve the conditions for participation in the practice of sport and physical activity, without neglect the active and cooperative participation of people with disabilities in their different contexts.

Thus, the BIRD Sport Project will certainly contribute to create the desire to practice Sport and make the pleasure and socioeconomic benefits of Sport accessible to the largest number of people, in a sustainable way it will be generated from more and better sport, better educational opportunities, employment and economic growth for the country. ? 


Pedro Carvalho

“My name is Pedro Carvalho and I’m currently logistic Manager in CAR. I have been working at Decathlon since 2019 and the main motivation I feel every day is due to freedom that Decathlon gives me to be genuine, putting into practice one of the main values ​​of the company, generosity.I have a big friend, an athlete in the true sense of the word, who, due to an accident, became quadriplegic. This big friend turned all his weaknesses into strengths, all through Sport. He continued to workout with and without help and today he feels stronger than ever, mentally determined to achieve most of his goals.he is undoubtedly a great inspiration for me.

Through this project, I want to send a message of hope to all people who have a physical limitation, telling them that everything is possible and that sport is the basis for the realization of our dreams. “

Odair Alves

“My name is Odair Alves. I am 38 years old, I practice adapted sports, such as slalon and handball.  I’ve been at Decathlon for 7 months and I’m part of the E-commerce team at CAR. This opportunity has changed my life and I want to honor this commitment by always giving 200% every day. Today I feel more confident, stronger and I have developed several skills. Every day I turn my weaknesses into strengths, I leave my comfort and grief zone to have the same opportunities as my colleagues. It is also important to say that adapted sport has changed my life and it is when I play sport that I feel truly fulfilled.  Through this project, I want to say that “I’m here to stay”,that I am equally competent and that people with physical disabilities should have the same kind of opportunities as the others. If I can do it, everyone can. 

It is very gratifying to work at Decathlon, which drives and creates the conditions for us to carry out these types of projects. “


On behalf of the entire Foundation team, congratulations for your work and your desire! ?


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