With Disabilities to the Top

With Disabilities to the Top is an ambitious Polish project born from a meeting between the Jonatan Foundation and the Decathlon of Bielsko Biala. This is not the first time that Poland has been involved with the Foundation.

Story of Michal, Martyna, Klaudia and Izabela :

“Due to the fact that the Jonatan Educational Center and the Jonatan Foundation take care of children with mobility impairments, in October 2019 we carried out with Decathlon Bielsko Biała the first mountain expedition “WITH DISABILITIES TO THE TOP ”. ?

Thanks to special slings placed on the backs of teachers and Decathlon employees, a group of students with mobility problems reached the peak of Malinowska Skała 1152 m above sea level.

“WITH DISABILITIES TO THE TOP ” is a joint project of the Jonatan Institution and Decathlon Bielsko Biała, thanks to which we will give all Children with mobility impairments around Podbeskidzie (region including Bielsko-Biała and surroundings) a chance for normality. For everything that the other children do and want to do. For joy, smile and satisfaction. For happy moments, days or even months. This project involves the climbing of mountain peaks by children with mobility impairments. We want to show these kids that the mountains are within their reach. We want to help them acquire self-confidence, thanks to which it would be easier for them to overcome any further problems in their adult life. Our activities, we want to inform the community, that in many cases barriers and limitations exist only in our heads.  ? 

We are planning a 5-year project during which we want to organize mountain trips 4-5 times a year for about 100 children per year in the 7-19 age group, which will end with climbing different peaks. All of this, with Koźlik Max sports prams, thanks to which children will have a chance to travel along mountain trails in comfortable conditions, and most of all in the safest possible conditions. Tourist wheelchairs can be rented for free by families with disabled children and other foundations.Tourist wheelchairs will be used too on a daily basis at the jonatan school for outdoor activities.”⛰ 


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