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Decathlon Phnom Penh team:


The word “diversity” is an integral part of the Decathlon Phnom Penh project written by the local teams in late 2020. We want to help young Cambodians from all walks of life to understand the potential benefits of sport in their daily lives. We want our teams to reflect the local population representing all social backgrounds. 

We also want to promote the integration and social success of women in society, by aiming for parity in our workforce and in leadership positions at Decathlon.

Our project is therefore to help the Association “Toutes à l’école”, a non-profit organisation founded in 2005 by the journalist Tina Kieffer, to integrate sport and its values as much as possible into its educational project in its pilot school Happy Chandara School (a school for little girls from disadvantaged backgrounds) and to involve Decathlon employees in this project, which is in line with our values and sense of purpose. 

Thanks to the support of the Decathlon Foundation, HCS will be able to build a covered gymnasium for the primary school pupils, have all the sports equipment and materials for its three campuses in Prek Thmey (primary school, junior high school and high school) and have the support of the Decathlon Cambodia team for various sport actions.

This project will also benefit many children in the community, including potentially thousands of girls and boys in the Happy Chandara School activity area and their families.


Pisey NANG, URM Leader Decathlon Sen Sok:


“I want to help the project to create more value, especially for people who lack support and do not have enough ability to go to school. I think the project I chose “SPORT PROJECTS WITH NGO PARTNERS” is to share the sports experience and we can also provide sports products to enable them to practice sports activity.”


Ranita KHONN, Yoga Sport Leader Decathlon Sen Sok: 


“Through this project, I would like to :

  • Help the children to stay positive
  • Share their sport experience and encourage them to do or continue doing sport
  • Promote sport to local communities
  • Promote gender equality through sport”.


Anne-Céline PRIGENT, former Decathlonian and Head of Communications at Happy Chandara School:

“Former Decathlonian, passionate about horse riding, mother of two little girls aged 8 and 5 and very involved for personal and professional reasons in Decathlon and HCS, this project is particularly touching for me because I would like to transmit to young girls that thanks to the values of sport, they can become whoever they want. 

We are in the 21st century but women still too often encounter obstacles on the road to emancipation. Sport is one of the vectors for jumping over these last hurdles and I believe in role models who can be a formidable lever. Sport has certainly helped me to gain self-confidence, to test my limits and to measure myself against others. It is a good school for overcoming, change and agility. Today, thanks to this project at Happy Chandara School, I would like to pass on these values to children and young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Furthermore, I think that physical education and sports are also an essential part of a quality education and their practice in school institutions should be developed, especially at this time with Covid-19. “

On behalf of the entire Foundation team, congratulations for your investment in this wonderful project, we are proud to support your project and to be your teammates.


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