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“By 16 years experience in Decathlon, I feel more and more the power of sports to the people, to the society. To people, it gives the hope to their life; to the society, it brings the connection of everyone because of the same interest. When we started to work with JHT (Decathlon metal and bike component supplier) & tried to integrate the sports culture to supplier project, I could see the motivation of workers and  also the energy given to our Decathlon production team (of course myself). Therefore when I heard the decision of JHT owner to support a poor school, I was touched & believed we can do something together.


Moreover during the leading of Tianjin One box project, I could feel the motivation of retailing friend to make sports to the many in their daily life. Therefore I decided to initiate this project to unite the motivation of supplier & Decathlon. I believe this common objective will bring more energy to supplier & Decathlon, and the project we are working on. Finally, as to myself, I will be very proud to see the happy face of every students when they enjoy sports!”


Xiaoming Xu, Decathlon teammate 

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