The Solibad project is one of the flagship projects of our September 29th board meeting. It is the project between Jeremie, Tirah, Nata, Dominique, Olivier and Raphaël who are joining forces to help young Indonesians from Java and Sumatra to blossom through the practice of Badminton.

Through regular and structured training sessions and competitions (inter-school, regional and national) of badminton, we offer the opportunity to very underprivileged young people to discover, develop and build a better future thanks to our 9 teams spread over Central and West Java and West Sumatra, with the support and help of the association. The young people train between 1 and 6 times a week, depending on their interests, their availability, their skills and the availability of coaches and facilitators.









The young people are selected through our network of animators who are physically present. They are all very poor and the selection is validated by Dominique, our Solibad referent. “

Solibad is also the story of Nata, a Decathlon teammate who joined Jeremie’s team in 2018 after participating in the Solibad Bintang program:

“Nata is a child growing up surrounded by garbage.
In Bekasi’s garbage dump, families survive daily by collecting, sorting and reselling discarded materials. The aim here is not to recycle to protect the planet, but to earn enough money to feed themselves, everyone is involved, from early childhood.

When he meets Dominique for the first time, he discovers the pleasure of playing badminton, meeting other young people and changing his mind.

Nata leaves the project several times to help his family and work. He also leaves school at the

college and will not go back there again.

At the bend in the road, during the visit of Olivier (vice-president of Solibad), Dominique comes across Nata by chance. She jumps into his arms and says to him with great tenderness: “come back, come back tomorrow and trust me, we will find you a job”.

The next day, Nata doesn’t come back.
The day after, he finds Dominique again and trusts her.
A few months later, after personalized tutoring, he applied to Decathlon Indonesia.
Today, he works in the department, still shy but full of energy.
Today he can in turn make a difference, make younger people want to join the program, get their heads above water and take charge of their future. Helping others to find hope and progress through sport and a good job in a great team”.

On behalf of the entire Foundation team, congratulations on your investment and we look forward to your next adventures! ?

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