Payatas Sport project is a project from an innovative program proposed by the cooperation of Decathlon Philippines and LP4Y in which sport is becoming the topic of the micro-activity held by the youths.The program is open exclusively to women, in order to facilitate access to employment for girls and young mothers who are largely excluded from any economic activity in Payatas (more than 50% stay-at-home mothers). 

On the same model as the 44 programs integrated in LP4Y centers, the 17 Youths of PayataSport will follow a path of professional and social integration to build self-confidence and be autonomous.

The program is an educational course of 9 months on average (5 days /week, 8h/day). 

The youths will create, develop and manage an economic micro-activity,  in this case, the sports club PayataSport. 

The first year of collaboration, the beneficiaries will practice four sports: Volleyball, Zumba, Badminton, Yoga. 

Aiumi, Astrid and Nadège, 3 decathlonian  from The Philippines, truly believed on the success of this project, and wanted to give their time to help the beneficiaries. 


“Helping LP4Y in this project was an evidence, I wanted to share my passion of sports! I grew up in Cebu and sports is what allowed me to have the position I have today. I discovered rugby in my early age and I am now part of the Philippines national team, and I also practiced badminton during my scholarship. In this project, I want to motivate the LP4Y young women and the community to practice sports to be able to set up a goal in their life. Every two weeks,I train them with Badminton training and help them on the topics that they need to know.”

Aiumi, from Pasig Decathlon Store, 



I personally grew up with a poor family, and my parents had to borrow money from friends and relatives just to give us a good education. I used this to work my way up through music, art, and most especially sports, building connections and learning different values from failures. With LP4Y, I would like to share these values gained from sports and give hope and opportunity of growth and development to these young women, and let them experience the joy of sports. Every two weeks, I train them on how to organize sport activities and share sport knowledge.” 

Astrid, from Pasig Store 


I’ve been involved in LP4Y since I arrived in the Philippines in Sep 2016, mostly to help the youth discovering the corporate world during their program in the NGO and facilitating their inclusion in the corporate world. I am very happy to help the youths of this country that I discover and where I am living a wonderful part of my life!

I have weekly relations with the coaches of the NGO (volunteers), I am also  proactive in the Youth Inclusion Network (network of companies fighting against youth exclusion, initiated by LP4Y) in which Decathlon Philippines is one of the founding companies. I practice yoga with them also every two weeks” 

Nadege, from Manille Decathlon Office


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