UP SPORT ! Social Club

Up Sport! Unis pour le sport is a parisian sports association whose purpose is to promote and enhance the inclusion of people in precarious situations through sport. Up Sport! restores power to the beneficiaries by including them fully in the construction of the sessions and by giving them a club-type membership, other than their hosting structure.


The association allows people most distant from sports to have physical activity and social ties!


Every week, Up Sport! offers twelve different activities: Zumba, Futsal, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Crossfit, Soft Gym, Yoga, Swimming, Running, Walking, Archery.


Michael and Rosanna, two employees of the Decathlon Aquaboulevard store decided to get involved regularly with this association.


Here are their testimonies as well as that of Karine Pradier, president of the association.


“Living my passion for sport with people who have the same passions has always been a source of motivation for me.

Sharing it beyond origins, income and social codes is a challenge but also an additional source of satisfaction. For the public welcomed at Up Sport!, The practice of sports activities goes far beyond the leisure club activity and allows them to find themselves, to progress, to gain confidence, to exchange, to be visible at last. With Up Sport!, I can really spread the values ​​and philosophy of Decathlon beyond the boundaries of the store and beyond the simple “seller/customer” relationship: sport for everyone, really everyone. “


Michael, Decathlon teammate 


“Up Sport! Is a real meeting space where two passions are commonly shared: sport and people. By participating in a few sessions, I really could feel the atmosphere and the positive dynamics of the group. As a professional in the social field, I know the vulnerable public welcomed by Up Sport! Transferring my skills, in particular to women victims of violence, by using my previous professional experience is an essential motivation in this common project Collaborating with CIDFF Paris on the Run & Bike project with women victims of violence for a multidisciplinary approach having as objective the reappropriation of the body and repair. Sweating, laughing, exchanging … And so many other things that don’t seem to nothing but which gives meaning to the Up Sport actions! “


Rosanna, Decathlon teammate 


“I have always considered sport to be essential for balance. It was a structuring element for me and I wanted it to be also for my children. What I had not fully achieved before developing the association Up Sport! united for sport, this is how it can represent a gateway to society, be a driving force in learning, and for the most fragile a springboard towards inclusion and For our audience today, people in difficulty and in a situation of exclusion, the challenge is to get in or out again and to enter into a positive dynamic by creating usable energy in all sectors Soft skills or know-how that we value at Up Sport! – respect for others, listening, team spirit, sense of leadership, enthusiasm – are an integral part of Decathlon DNA and convergence of our values ​​(solidarity, citizenship, Olympism) were able to express themselves fully in the ux projects supported by the Foundation, the R&B project (Run and Bike) and social ping-pong Club in which Michael and Rosanna, Decathlon teammates, are fully involved. The first part allows us to launch a new activity at Up Sport !, cycling, a symbol of emancipation and freedom for people who are often hampered in their daily life by their situation. The second, as its name suggests, is a place for exchanging balls, of course, but not only … These projects are for our UpSportifs supplements of blue sky which brighten their horizon by giving us the means to go further in our integration process. “


Karine Pradier, President of Up Sport united for sport

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