Judo para todos

The “Judo para todos” project aims to make Judo and its Values (friendship, participation, respect, and continuous improvement) accessible to the majority:


  1. Local Community;
  2. Disable children, teens and adults;
  3. Underprivileged children and teens (who were withdrawn from their families, due to mistreatment or other family  bad behaviors);
  4. Seniors (more than 65 years old)
  5. Children from local schools (Since 5 years old until 9 years old)
  6. Local entities (Policeman, fire man)


This is a project led by Academia de Judo do Barreiro, who since 2003, develops Judo to the Barreiro local community.

The project itself started in 2014 working directly with 3 local NGOs dedicated to disabled people: Nós, CERCIMB and Rumo, facilitating for these 4 Adapted Judo Classes

The project grew, making Judo accessible with another 2 local NGOs, Casa dos Rapazes and Instituto Ferroviário, with underprivileged children and teens. Those are integrated in the regular Judo classes, to promote their social inclusion.

In 2021 the project will have another improvement, including three more populations:

-Seniors, with activities to work mobility, fall prevention, balance.
-Children from local primary schools, with special motricity classes among their school classes.
-Police and Fireman, to work self-defense, control, confidence competencies, toprevente risk/stress and create a peaceful and happy relation  with the community.



  • Duarte Virgilio


“My name is Duarte Virgílio, I’m 41 years old, I’ve been a Decathlonian for 14 years and I’ve been a Judoka for over 20 years. Judo is my Passion Sport!At the moment, I am the leader of the omnichannel commercial department in Portugal.I was fortunate to have Judo in my life that allowed me to grow as a Man, gain Value (s), respect Others, have Discipline, get to know myself and also have fun.I always made a great parallel between Judo and Decathlon and since I joined Decathlon I always knew that these 2 activities should come together.I was lucky to have Mestre Horácio Nunes as the Judo Master, who is the great driver of the Barreiro Judo Academy. I have always been accompanied and talking to Mestre about the work he has been doing with populations that need it most. That was how I realized that the Judo Academy in Barreiro was now in serious need and it was the moment to act to try to help.

The purpose of my help in this project is not only to allow this deprived population to continue to benefit everything that Judo brings throughout their lives, in conditions and safety, but also to open up to other sports progressively, to have other opportunities, experiences, and emotions.

It is my time to give back everything that Judo has given me throughout my life.”



  • Nuno Mendes


“My name is Nuno Mendes and I am the current Leader of Decathlon Barreiro. I have always practiced sport not only for the taste but also for the team spirit, equality and social integration that is present in it. I have been in Barreiro for about 10 months and I have already had the fantastic opportunity to visit several sports areas in the area, namely, the Judo do Barreiro gym. From an early age I realized that the values ​​that are present in it and the desire that exists to provide these people, with difficulties or disabilities, can have the same opportunity that any human being is fantastic and rewarding.
As a Decathlonian, Sportsman and Human Being, I feel the responsibility to be able to help these people in the face of the adverse conditions where they practice.
Being part of a company that shares values ​​such as Responsibility and Generosity only makes me believe that together we will be able to provide Sport accessible to Everyone.”

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