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  • The first Parkour school in Gaza opens its doors!

The first Parkour school in Gaza opens its doors!

The first Parkour school in Gaza opens its doors!


It makes me feel like I can overcome all obstacles in my life. There is nothing stopping you.”These are the words of Mohammed Aljakhbir, a young man living in Gaza who practices Parkour !


And it is for this reason that Majd Mashharawi, Ahmad Matar and Tom Vaillant, the 3 founders of the Wallrunners association wished to open a Parkour school in Gaza.


The young association wishes to promote the practice of Parkour, which is defined as an art of living, more than a sport!


“For a generation of young Palestinians who have grown up in the midst of under-employment it has become a method of self-expression, an escape, and a way of life. 

The idea of parkour is to “find your own way”, and failure became a victory in itself; proof that you’ve tried and learned. The lines blurred until all obstacles in their lives became walls, waiting to be overcome. With renewed motivation they attempted to better their lives, elsewhere and outside of Gaza.” tells us Tom Vaillant. 


Through both sports and leadership programs, Wallrunners aims is to increase self-esteem and confidence of girls from a young age.


The DECATHLON Foundation is very glad and proud to participate in the launching of this association which aims to open the school in August 2020 to the youth of Gaza.


In image, a video retracing the whole project!


The Foundation Team

8 July 2020

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