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On the 9th of March 2021, the Board meeting of the Decathlon Foundation met (online) to launch the first solidarity and sports projects of our Decathlonians in 2021!

An emotional Board meeting marked by the validation of 6 new projects:


The Cambodian project of Anne Céline Prigent and the Decathlon Phnom Penh teams to support the NGO Toutes à l’école.

The project will allow more than 15,000 young girls from the Happy Chandara school to practice physical activities on a new multi-sport field (read their testimonies on our website )


For the very first time, a Decathlon store had the opportunity to present 2 Foundation projects during the same board meeting: It is the Decathlon Bron store and our great Decathlonians from Lyon: Boris, Christophe, Laetitia and Stephanie.

The first project is for the HFME Hospital in Lyon. The “pavillon de l’enfant” project, initiated by Christophe, Laetitia and Stephanie, will help the hospitalised children by providing them with sports equipment for their brand new sports hall built in the heart of the hospital.

Boris is supporting, alongside Charlotte, the “one bike one child” project of the Etoile du Berger child protection centre: the project is simple, to enable 30 children from the Capso association to rediscover the pleasures of cycling with our teammates who accompany them on repair workshops and sports outings. Boris, our cyling enthusiast, regularly visits the children with whom he has already established strong ties.



Then, our Decathlonians from the North of France presented 2 projects in Calais and Arras respectively.

The “Pstyty Stade” project is led by two Decathlonians from the Decathlon Calais store: Maureen, a fitness enthusiast, and Rémi, a fireman who is passionate about cycling and team sports. Together with Océane, an APA educator from the Calais hospital, they imagined the construction of a multi-sport field in the heart of the hospital for the psycho-mental unit. They were able to rely on the unconditional support of a great friend of the Foundation: Nicolas Louveau, real estate project manager at Decathlon, who was already in charge of the du Petit Maroc City Stade project.

The “ASPTT Cricket Arras” project is led by Flavien, logistics manager at Decathlon, as well as by the managers of the Arras and Lens stores: Harrison and Paul. The Foundation project imagined by Flavien aims to provide the necessary sports equipment for the ASPTT Arras cricket club made up of young migrants in vulnerable situations.  As for the two partner stores, they are committed to supporting certain young people in their professional integration through the implementation of internships and discovery days in the store.


To end the day, the Foundation approved a national project from sport to employment in association with the “école de la deuxième chance” to enable 7,500 young people in vulnerable situations in France to take up sport (again). The project is supported by Mélanie Vasseur, Decathlonian, great friend of the Foundation and actively involved with the NGO.


Congratulations to all the teams for your commitment, what a pride to be your teammates at Decathlon: 2021 marks the beginning of a year that promises to be rich in reunion, sharing and solidarity.

The Foundation Team

14 April 2021

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