4 New projects launched !

Helping individuals in vulnerable situations through sport is a vision we will never let down


Decathlon Foundation is very proud to present the recently launched projects in 4 different countries after the board reunited last Monday in France!


Sport pour tous


“It is my commitment, my passion, and my pride to be able to sow seeds of joy and fulfillment in every corner of this renovated gym.” – Maéva Schiavone

Located in Mons, Belgium, this project was launched to renovate an old gymnasium, thus enabling disabled and vulnerable primary school students to engage in physical activities. For several years, Notre Dame School, in collaboration with Decathlon Mons, has been organizing sports activities for its students, many of whom come from economically precarious backgrounds and have disabilities. Before Maéva and her colleagues took initiative, these children faced barriers to accessing sports. However, thanks to the era of “Sport for All,” introduced by Notre Dame School, these students have been able to thrive through regular outdoor sessions, even achieving goals like learning to ride a bike. Despite these advancements, there was a lack of adequate sports facilities to overcome all barriers to sports participation. Thanks to the commitment of various stakeholders, notably Decathlon Mons, the renovation of Notre Dame School’s gymnasium in Mons is now becoming a reality.



Activation of disabled people through sport 


This ambitious project in Poland aims to establish a fully adapted football field, designed to host training sessions and tournaments for 150 disabled children. Rabomiak Radom, already a renowned football club in Poland, has decided, with the support of Jacek and Piotr, to make football accessible to children with disabilities who wish to thrive in this sport.



Campagne Étincelles 


UN Women France is the French branch of the global United Nations entity dedicated to gender equality and women’s empowerment. Its objective is to promote women’s rights and work towards eliminating gender-based discrimination, both in France and worldwide.

The #SHESHINES project, supported by UN Women France, aims to highlight female athletes on the prestigious stage of the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games. Through their initiatives, more girls and women will be encouraged to participate in sports in France and around the world.

UN Women embodies a driving force in promoting women’s empowerment through sports. By encouraging women to engage in sports activities, the organization paves the way for autonomy and self-confidence. It recognizes that women’s sports offer crucial opportunities for development, social integration, and rebuilding for those in vulnerable situations. By spotlighting women’s sports, UN Women combats sexist biases and violence while advocating for better representation and compensation for female athletes. The organization thus strives to promote an inclusive and equitable vision of sports, where every woman and girl can realize her full potential, regardless of gender barriers.



1000 Stars


“With 1000 Stars, we are laying the foundations for a future where every girl will have the opportunity to pursue her dreams, both on the court and off the court.” – Syra Sylla

This project, originating from Senegal and supported by Dakar Hoops, the association founded by Syra Sylla, a former high-level basketball player turned sports journalist, aims to help girls achieve their dreams through basketball and physical activity. According to Syra, the 1000 Stars initiative goes beyond the realm of sports. It provides an opportunity to build and strengthen community ties, uncover potential, and contribute to the personal development of each individual.

Dakar Hoops’ objectives are clear: to encourage more girls to play basketball in Senegal. Aware that the lack of equipment can sometimes be a major obstacle, the association strives to provide the necessary gear. Because, for a young girl, a simple ball can be the catalyst for her dreams and her future.

Dakar Hoops also aims to foster the personal development of young girls. Sport, especially basketball, is a powerful tool for building self-confidence and self-esteem. By providing a conducive environment for growth, the association aims to support each girl in her journey towards realizing her potential.

Finally, Dakar Hoops is committed to discovering sporting talents and supporting them in their progress. Through regular monitoring of 1000 girls, the association identifies promising young players and supports them in their athletic development. Behind every dribble, every basket, lie abilities and aspirations to explore and cultivate.

Find out more about the 1000 Stars actions on Instagram:





Congratulations to all project leaders for their unwavering dedication. We are extremely proud to collaborate with impactful organizations to support these projects 👏


3 May 2024

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