WOD 2021

On 4, 5 and 6 March 2021, the World Day against Obesity took place.
This event, supported by the Decathlon Foundation, aimed to

– inform
-raise awareness
– move
-make people move

The Decathlon Foundation joined forces with Decathlon Coach, Kalenji and Newfeel to support the National Obesity Line in this event, which was an unprecedented success:



A word from Agnès Maurin, Co-founder & Director of the League against Obesity



“Nearly 200 events organised in France, overseas, Switzerland and even in Benin,
– more than 35,000 kilometres covered by walking, running, swimming or cycling,
– more than 1,200 hours of physical activity recorded on the websites of the Ligue contre l’obésité and our partner Décathlon Coach.
In total, several thousand participants joined our fight against the disease and preconceived ideas.
We owe the success of this enthusiastic and general mobilisation to you and we wanted to let you know. Without you, without the patient associations, without the volunteers who have committed themselves to this fight against the disease, without the involvement of the 50 or so Decathlon shops and their staff, we would never have been able to happily exceed the 10,000 km mark, the ambitious objective we had set ourselves.
Similarly, the 12-hour non-stop live event organised on Saturday 6 March, which ended in song with Yohan Casanova (finalist of The Voice 2018), went off perfectly. The 36 scheduled speakers were all present and answered our journalist’s questions or led interactive workshops of a very high quality. This professional meeting for the general public was particularly appreciated by the 150 or so Internet users connected on average on Zoom and Facebook.
A big thank you also to the friendly streamers of the Emulemoi gang who, for 36 hours, played online on the Twitch platform to raise funds for the League against Obesity.
I would also like to thank the team at the Ligue contre l’obésité who worked tirelessly to meet this collective challenge. It is already working on the 2022 edition of World Obesity Day, which will again be able to count on the partnership of the Decathlon Foundation.
And once again, thank you for your unfailing commitment and your solidarity with the League against Obesity.”


9 April 2021

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