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  • June 23, 2020 Foundation Board of Directors

June 23, 2020 Foundation Board of Directors

It is with a  particular joy that the entire Board of Directors of the Decathlon Foundation met (in video, barrier gestures required) to validate the projects presented by Decathlon team members.


On the program for this day, two projects from the Lille (North of France) , and a first Portuguese project!


The afternoon started with the “Oscar Lambret” project presented by Delphine and Judith, both working for the passion brand KALENJI as well as Nicolas, Decathlon teammate for more than 25 years.


The project is to build a sports field within the framework of the Oscar Lambret Cancer Research Center (Lille) to support patients, during and after their treatment, in the return to sport.


The patients are followed by a specialized educator, through private and group lessons.

In addition to the sports field, Decathlon, via KALENJI, will soon be offering (at the end of 2020) for the first time on the market its most demanding sports bra in terms of technicality without any compromise on comfort and beauty. Designed for them, it is suitable for everyone.


The members of the Board were won over by the need to support patients with cancer through physical activity and unanimously validated this project, which makes sense in the heart of the North.


The afternoon continued with the presentation of the Portuguese project “Sai prá Rua” by the team from the Decathlon SINTRA store (Lisbon).


Tiago, Andre, Marcelo and Renata were keen to support the “APERCIM” association, which supports people with disabilities around physical activity. The association offers more than 1000 beneficiaries a year to practice a wide variety of sports such as horse riding, sailing, surfing, archery … These regular physical activities allow beneficiaries to escape from everyday life and enjoy a few moments of happiness.


The store is committed to regularly participating in sporting activities in order to create real links and long-term relationships between the association and the local Decathlon team.


The Foundation’s Board of Directors was delighted to support the “Sai prá Rua” project 100%.

The validation of the project will allow the association to equip itself in order to offer activities adapted to members.

The Foundation is happy and proud to participate in this project!

Here, fews photos of the APERCIM association :

To conclude this day full of emotion, Jean-Cyril and Nicolas, both teammates of Decathlon Btwin Village, wished to present to the members of the Council, a large-scale project, in a district qualified as “QPV” with the association of animation of “Petit Maroc”, located in Lille.


“It is important for me to make sport accessible to everyone. Decathlon has allowed me to share these values ​​across my different missions. It also seemed essential to me to collaborate and help each other with this district which is located like us, wedged between the motorway and the railroad tracks. This priority area of ​​the city, which is more our neighbor, fights every day so that young people thrive through different activities (sporting, cultural, social …) I found it relevant to do our part with them.

I also have the chance, alongside my job, to manage a humanitarian association, so it was natural that I came up with the idea of ​​sharing our ideas and our talents. ” tells us Jean-Cyril, project leader.


In consultation between the association and Decathlon’s teammates, it seemed obvious to have to realize and build a City stadium in the heart of the district, so that all the inhabitants, young and not so young can benefit from a sports infrastructure throughout the year.


It is on these 3 beautiful projects that this day rich in meetings and in beautiful solidarity and sporting initiatives ended!


See you in September!

7 July 2020

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