On 19 July 2021, the Board of Directors of the Decathlon Foundation met to validate five new projects led by our Decathlon employees.


  • Le Centre Lacassagne (Nice)

The objective is to renew the bicycles in the Lacassagne hospital to allow hospitalized patients to practice a sport activity in the best conditions and thus improve their morale. The longer-term objective is to create a sports room within the centre for patients and hospital staff in order to create a link with sport!
Congratulations to our Decathlonians Baptiste, Rachel, Hortense, Marylène and Valerie for their commitment.


  • Un fauteuil, une raquette, un sourire (Lompret)

The aim is to enable children aged 4 to 18 with a motor disability to play tennis in a wheelchair.
“I would like children to be able to give meaning to their lives. I was lucky enough to attend an international wheelchair tennis tournament recently, and when I see the pleasure and desire of all these players, I would really like other children to be able to experience beautiful moments, in competition or as a leisure activity.” Nathalie, project leader.
Congratulations to our Decathlonians Nathalie and Aurélien for their commitment.


  • Decath’Sport’IME (Bourgoin Jallieu)

Enabling disabled children at the IME to develop through sport is the objective of this beautiful project.
through sport, that is the objective of this beautiful project whose name was chosen by the children. The Foundation thus participates in the financing of sports equipment, and in particular bicycles, adapted to physical handicaps.
Congratulations to our Decathlonians Johanna, Fatima, Eszter and Mohamed for their commitment.


  • REACT’Place à l’emploi (Bordeaux) 

The aim of this project is to promote the professional integration of job seekers. The project is mainly based on physical and sports activities, with a view to health: water sports, team sports, yoga, sophrology, gentle gymnastics, etc. The Foundation finances sports equipment that will be used to set up these activities.
Congratulations to our Decathlonians Florent, Leo and Quentin for their commitment.


  • En passant par la Montagne (Sallanches)

This project aims at the inclusion of young people from the neighbourhoods through a programme of mountain activities and professional orientation towards local jobs. The Foundation supports this project by financing an inflatable climbing wall for events linked to the project’s base camp.
Congratulations to our Decathlonians Hadrien, Mélanie, Jean and Vanessa for their commitment.


Congratulations again to all the teams for your commitment, what a pride to be your teammates at Decathlon: See you on October 14th for new projects…
The Foundation’s team

16 August 2021

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