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Foundation Day Stories

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The Foundation Day of the Sauvegarde du Nord

A few months after the Foundation Day 2014 and a few months before the one of 2015, the Sauvegarde du Nord comes back to this global day of solidarity. The Sauvegarde du Nord is an association that welcomes and takes care of children, teenagers, young people with psychic, pshycological, academic, family and social difficulties, unemployed adults, families and people in insecurity, instability. The Sauvegarde du Nord uses sport as a vector of well-being and of integration. Discover their article here.

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Troisième Prix - Casoria

Interview – The Foundation Day of Casoria related by Nunzio

Fondation : Introduce yourself in a few words Nunzio : Good morning! I am Nunzio Prisco, and I’ve been working at Decathlon, in Casoria (Naples -IT-), since October 2011, as shop assistant at the fitness department. I’ve always been into sports- activities: in fact, I’ve been practicing Karate for eleven years and I like doing snowboarding and trekking. Fondation : Why and how did you organize the Foundation Day? Nunzio : I heard about the Foundation Day for the first time two years ago and…

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Dixième Prix - Barcelonne

Record – The Foundation Day of Barcelona related by Ovidi

Ovidi, who won the 10th price of the Foundation Day contest, in the best photo category, relates his experience. “My name is Ovidi Mayor Pallares, I am a team member (seller) in Decathlon “Ciutat Vella” (Barcelona, Spain). Mountains are my passion and I love any sport related to them. I’m lucky enough to work in this section of the shop, although I practice any kind of sport like, for example, football, running, surf, snowboard or long board. I consider sport to be a huge pillar…

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FD 2014 merci

Foundation Day 2014, Thanks to all!

A very big THANK YOU to all the Oxylane employees involved in the organisation and the preparation of this nice day! We were more than 250 Oxylane workplaces (production, retail and logistic) in more than 18 countries (Belgium, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, India, Portugal, Morocco, Madagascar, Taiwan, Turkey, Vietnam, Tunisia, Poland, Russia) to participate in this day. The Foundation is proud to this result and about the enthusiasm created during this days for the employees and also the associations welcomed. You can book for now your 3th JUNE 2015 for the next edition of the Foundation Day !

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Foudation Day, in 3 mounths!

The Foundation Day, is in 3 months! Already many enrolled to organize this third edition!

As a recall: The Foundation Day is an event created to allow every Oxylane employees around the world, to live and share a Foundation time, with sport and solidarity.

To organize this event, you have just to sign up HERE! You will receive all the informations needed to help you in your organization!